Why I Choose Islam

Very. Well. Explained.
Tulisan ini sudah lama sekali dipublikasikan. Penulisnya sendiri mengakui bahwa sudah ada poin dalam artikel ini yang tidak lagi mewakili pendapatnya. Namun, saya merasa bahwa banyak dari tulisan ini yang bisa kita renungkan bersama. Semoga menambah pemahaman dan wawasan kita tentang Islam. Semoga menambah kesungguhan kita untuk terus belajar dan terus istiqomah dalam mencari kebenaran yang hakiki.
Terima kasih Mas Fajri sudah diperbolehkan untuk reblog artikel ini 🙂

7 thoughts on “Why I Choose Islam

  1. Assalaamu’alaykum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh
    Thank you very much for the appreciation, as well as the disclaimer. I hope this post can be beneficial for everyone. If there are any critics, please let me know and we can discuss for the sake of Allah s.w.t.
    I really appreciate that you have mentioned that that some points no longer represent my views. I will explain some of them now, inshaaAllah.

    I mentioned that there is an illusion of free will, that it actually does not exist, rather we are all under control of Will of Allah. Actually I had a dilemma in my mind regarding this. On one hand, the logical approach I took (as shown in the article) resulted in men having no choice. But on the other hand, is it fair to punish/reward us for things that we have no real control over ourselves? However, back then I chose to go in favor of the first statement which I then ended up writing. The reason was because it seemed objectively logical, and the laws of logic are universal (I will explain later). Not to mention, it seemed to be supported by daleel from the Qur’an (see the ayat that I cited at the end of the article). While the second statement was a mere subjective view. While logic is universal, virtue may be understood by one but not by the other. We are so small, yet Allah is Al-Hakeem. So I hope you understood why I concluded what I concluded in the article.

    But then I learned more. I knew that interpreting the Qur’an is not easy, and it should be mindful of so many things including the Arabic wording, other ayats of the Qur’an, the Hadeeth, knowledge of abrogation, etc. It was this that I lack, as a very weak and imperfect human being. Months later, I read this very good article by Shaykh Al-Uthaymeen, rahimahullah.


    In essence, it explains how there are two deviant beliefs on this question. The first is that we have no free will (which I held), and the second is that Allah has no control over us. However, the path of the ahlus sunnah wal jamaah is always the middle way and never the extreme. You can read the article for yourself, but essentially it says that we have (or, rather, granted by Allah) a free choice to make but we cannot escape Allah’s Will.

    Now this is not exactly a change of perspective, rather it is just a clarification of framework of thought since I might have been very unclear in constructing my train of thought in inductive vs deductive reasoning. Basically I have explained the weakness of the inductive or empirical argument. Yet I have not explained why I then resorted to a deductive argument. In fact, I did not even mention the word ‘deductive argument’, while it was the backbone of my argument to prove God’s existence. So perhaps I should explain it now.

    So a deductive argument is an argument that stems from logic (unlike science, which relies on statistics, generalization, etc), which corresponds to very basic mathematical rules. These logical laws are universal. For example: the laws of contradiction. You cannot exist and not exist at the same time (except if you define a different sense of existence, such as ‘I am in class physically, but not mentally’ or ‘I am not in class physically, but I am there virtually through skype’. This is of course different. In this context: you cant be physically inside the class and not inside the class at the same time).

    Which is why Stephen Hawking’s argument is either illogical or misleading: “the universe created itself”. Its illogical if he means that the universe literally creates itself, because it implies that the universe exists and does not exist at the same time (because to create itself, it has to exist first to do that. But then if it has already existed, then how did it exist in the first place to create itself? Imagine your mother giving birth to herself). It could be misleading if he means that the universe was first a quantum vacuum and then the big bang happened there. I have refuted this argument in the article. But for the context of logic, this is misleading because the “universe that created” (the quantum vacuum) is not the same “universe that was created” (the actual universe), so the label “the universe created itself” is incorrect.

    Basically the deductive reasoning dictates that If 3 + x = 7, then there is no other possible answer other than 4. If we accept that “Smart people are handsome”, then we find a fact that “Ahmed is smart”, then we can conclude that “Ahmed is smart”.

    So in a deductive reasoning: If the premises are true, then the conclusion is consequently and automatically true. Compare this to the inductive argument: if the premises are true, then the conclusion is very likely but not necessarily certainly true.

    PS: usually people get mixed up between science and logic. They think that if its scientific then its logical. Thats not actually true. It is not uncommon for people make social uses of certain words which are actually incorrect, and then it becomes incoherrent.

    Now in such deductive reasoning method, how do we conclude that God exists? Because there is creation. What are the possible causes of creation? Its either: it came out of nothing, it created itself, or it was created. There is no other possibility (or if you can think of any, lets talk about it. But if you cant think of any other possibility, we cannot say “I dont know other possibilities, but there must be”). In the article we have refuted the first and second possibility. So, by deduction, the only possible result is that the universe was created by a God.

    Well, I have already explained the logic of God’s existence in the article. I just wish to explain the framework of deductive reasoning that I used.

    Now I do understand that a majority of scientists believe that the Big Bang is the moment of creation. I actually easily bought this as well at the start, simply because I have been taught this since I was a little boy. Especially with ‘cocoklogi’ approach, it is very tempting to associate this with Surah Anbiya ayat 30 which, to some extent, may sound like a big bang thingy, and then say that this surah is a conclusive daleel that proves the big bang. Then some scientists start to find evidences that there might be something before the big bang or even that there is no such thing as a big bang, whatever, then as consequence some people will defend the big bang because the Qur’an says so, and we end up in a murky debate which nobody really knows the answer.

    However, Im sure you understand that the Qur’an has muhkamat and mutashabihat ayats. Just look at Surah Anbiya ayat 30: it screams mutashabihat.

    So then my stance on the Big Bang is that there may be overwhelming evidence to suggest that it was the start of this particular universe, but it cannot be concluded that there is nothing (or anything) before the Big Bang, although by virtue of Occum’s Razor perhaps we can assume that there is nothing. However, the universe is created and the big bang may or may not have been that point of creation, and I guess we will never really know for certain, but it does not matter.

    If anything else comes up I will follow it up again, inshaaAllah.

    Barakallaahu feek 🙂

    • PS: I have also put these things on the article. I did not revise the article to at least preserve what it used to be like and to document what changes have I actually made. So I put these clarifications at the bottom.

      • PPS: a little mistake in the deductive argument, I meant the conclusion to be “Ahmed is handsome” hahaha why cant I edit my comment X_X

    • Waalaikum salaam…
      I’m really sorry for the very late reply..
      I did read your comments a week after you posted them.. they made me think really hard until my head was literally overheated 😀
      So I thought about it over and over again so that I could respond your discussion invitation…
      Then, (though I know that I shouldn’t make any excuses, yet I did), many school assignments prevented me to think about this super serious matter that required ultra-deep thinking even in a blink…
      Actually, I never think about this faith matter very seriously…not because I never care… It is just that I’m blessed to be born as a moslem…. I am blessed to believe in Allah, and so many blessings beyond count that have been granted to me… I do not have any desire to debate on how and why God created the universe or why God created us as I won’t and never understand… at least before I read Adz Dzariyat 56 stating that God creates human and genies to worship Him alone… then it should be my one and only way of life.. God grants me no choice, I do not have free will then so be it… I will constantly pray for His mercy and blessings in life… I do not try to argue with it… I am quite content of how I cope with my situation as a creation…
      then I read your article… It strengthens my faith… it explains many things that I couldnt (or I dont bother) explain… Then I realized that I was and am short of Patrick Star myself: who are just blissfully unaware of how dumb I am… (not that I was disappointed though :p )
      Up to know… I always use what you call as Occam’s Razor to explain many things that I could not understand… Like the theory of creation: why should I bother thinking about which came first: the egg or chicken? And I do always believe that causa prima must be uncaused (though I never knew about the term of ‘causa prima’ until I read your amazing article that explains every question of mine 😀 ). For me, Stephen Hawking is just random person who makes something easy become difficult: of course universe cannot create itself. It needs to be exist before creating something… (I do beg for your pardon to be super ignorant about it. One of my many flaws  )
      Yet, I always find it difficult to explain about my feelings in Islam to my friends who criticize Islam and our way of life.. to those who say that how stupid we are to do this and that, to believe this and that, to become this and that… in this situation, I do hope that I am slightly smarter than I am now… to be at least as smart as you to be able to explain and enlighten those who diminish Islam’s value in logical perspective…
      Thank you for your very nice sharing. I learned so many things and I will still want to learn so that I am able to defend my faith and enlighten people surround me… to be able to speak in their ‘language’ 
      thank you for your feedback….
      Once again, I am really sorry for the very late reply.. 😦

      • Assalaamu’alaykum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh,

        No worries! I actually wonder, I got a friend request from Nia Annisa Fitri but with no mutual friends. Is that you? I get so many friend requests lately, and I usually ignore those with less than 15 mutual friends. But I had a feeling that I should not delete this one.

        You say that my article strengthens your faith, but I will say that Allah is The Master of the heart and it is under His will that anyone gets stronger or weaker in Imaan. Wallaahi, I believe that only people whom He Loves and He wants good for, will find strength in something like this. Those with locked and dark hearts, on the other hand, will find nothing or even hatred. May Allah always increase you in Imaan, and I thank Him only and none other if any of my works can become a medium to help facilitate the hidayah or strengthening of Imaan of others.

        The attacks from the liberals and other non-Muslims can be very sharp. I wrote the article before I actually went to the UK for my studies, but when I actually went there I realized that Indonesians and other people from Muslim-majority countries were given at least two great tests.

        First, a test of imaan. How strong are we to, for the first time, live in a very secular and liberal society, with nobody to judge you for doing things that are haraam? Can you maintain your identity as a Muslim?

        The second test is as a representative of the Muslims. They will ask you questions, some sincerely and others just to mock you. And bear in mind that the answers usually given in our ‘pengajian’ or ‘liqo’ would very likely be useless, because they seem to be very cultural or context biased and may only work if its an Indonesian who asks you that question. Not if it is a British atheist who asks it.

        Allah says “afalaa ta’qiluun” (do you not use your intellect? – Surah Al Baqarah ayat 44), also “wayaj ‘alur rijsa ‘alal ladziina laa ya’qiluun” (Allah hates those who do not use their intellect – Surah Yunus ayat 100). Do not misunderstand me, though. Imaan is not in the aql, rather it is in the qalb. However the aql is one of Allah’s Rahma, and among those that distinguish us from other creations. And, more importantly, it has become a fitna (test) for many of us. Many have disbelieved because of arrogance of the aql, many also have disbelieved because of others twisting our aql.

        May Allah always protect us from those fitnas, so that we can always be strong in our imaan. The imaan may be in the aql, but we must also use the aql as weapon and defense within the framework that Islam provides.

        Barakallaahu feek!

      • Yes, it was me 🙂
        I thought you’ve been friends with Mb Puspa Hanandhita and Mb Siti Fathonah Wijayanti so at least we share two mutual friends.
        Yes, that is really a problem. I have a close friend from High School who now starts to mock at Islam’s ways (his religion is Islam though) and confronting even the Quran. I find it difficult to convince him the truth because he is very intelligent, and the intellect always has million questions to answer. The intellect does have the power to influence others with his opinion. But now, I realized that actually he stands against us. He doesnt want answers. He just wants arguments that support his belief. Pity, I dont have the capacity to make a sound argument to defend Islam. I am constantly angry and dissapointed at my self because I am lack of knowledge. That’s why I really want to learn and learn, and reading your article is very motivating. Surely there is a way to defend our religion and strengthen our faith. We indeed need to sharpen our intellect so we may survive and if someday, somehow, Allah should test our imaan, we can stand strong.
        May Allah always protect us and give us guidance to his light.

        Keep inspiring and motivating, Mas Fajri. Thank you very much for the discussion and confirming my friend request 😀

  2. My apologies for the late reply -again-

    Yes I am friends with them but you still do not show as our mutual friends. Oh well, no worries. What matters is that now we are acquainted ^_^

    Anyways, what your friend has done may be an act of ridda or apostasy, bringing him out of the fold of Islam. Allah knows best whats in his heart, and only proper scholars may give fatwas like this. But if this person dies in a condition like this, maybe its best not to participate in any shalatul janazah. Although it is not prohibited to pray that she/he repents from this act.

    But what is more important is that you have found good wisdom. You know when you have to argue back, and when does the person only seeks trouble, so in the 2nd case you should just ignore. You get no benefit, and your anger might make you do things that Allah dislikes. What will be more advanced would be choosing different ways to answer the same questions depending on the audience. For example, when a western liberal asks you about the hijab, never answer “because this is what Allah tells me to do, and Islam is about obeying Allah”, hahaha.

    The pleasure is mine. Without you starting to communicate with me about my article, I would have never updated my article to represent my current thoughts. Barakalaahu feek 🙂

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